Yarnell Fire District


By Chief Ben Palm


So far in 2018, Yarnell Fire District has been the recipient of several grant awards, including the Assistance to Firefighters (AFG) Grant for a Source Capture Exhaust System, an Arizona Community Foundation grant for the Cadet Program, and a Northern Arizona Emergency Medical Services (NAEMS) grant for medical supplies. Most recently, Yarnell Fire received the FEMA SAFER Grant in the amount of $316,806. SAFER is an acronym for Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response. We also received a SAFER Grant in 2014. This particular award is for the Recruitment and Retention of volunteer/support firefighters. The four- year period of performance provides funds for personnel, personal protective equipment, training programs, tuition assistance for paramedic licensing, incentives, stipends, the Department’s Cadet Mentoring program, physicals, station uniforms and marketing. We’re looking for dedicated men and women to join us.  Some of the benefits of joining Yarnell Fire District include training opportunities, a crew quarters for out of district volunteers, stipends and a team environment. Our goal is to train recruits to a minimum of EMT, FFI/FFII and Wildland Firefighter. We also have positions for support firefighters. Interested candidates should visit www.yarnellfire.org for an application. Contact Denise Roggio for information by calling 928-427-6578 or using the contact form on the website.


The Coalition’s most recent outreach was held at the Williamson Valley-Bagdad Fire Station on September 30th. Denise Roggio and Bruce Olson provided information, including evacuation packing bags, checklists and preparation booklets. YFD and the Coalition Departments want to remind you of the mission we have to protect life and property through activities consistent with fire prevention. Residents of our communities play a critical role in preventing fire. As always, we ask that you keep your weeds trimmed, rake up yard debris and dispose of branches. In Yarnell, please obtain a burning permit for open flame. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.


Under the direction of Captain Jeff Shearer, the Yarnell Fire Cadets began their 3rd year at YFD on Saturday, September 22nd. There are eight Cadets, ranging from 6th Grade through high school. Thank you to YFD’s Sharon Smith for being Assistant Leader this year.


Thanks to Autumn Winter for being a part of our team. Sometimes we call her “Spring Summer” just for fun, and she has a good sense of humor. Autumn joined YFD in October 2017 as an Out-Of-District EMT Support Volunteer. She calls Prescott Valley home and is a proud mom to a 7-year old daughter. In addition to her busy life as Mom and volunteer, Autumn is an Animal Control officer for the Yavapai County Sherriff’s Department. She likes to go kayaking and enjoys photography. Autumn, we’re glad to have you in the YFD family.

August  2018  Service Calls

Incidents: 17 – Average response time:  3.35 (3 Minutes, 21 Seconds) 

EMS: 11                       Motor Vehicle Accident: 0                Flood: 1

Mutual Aid: 0              Public Assists: 0                                 Smoke Checks: 2

Structure Fire: 0          Wildland Fire: 2                                 Rescue: 0

Snake Removal: 0        Fire Alarm Check: 0                           Welfare Check: 1


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