Yarnell Fire District

Yarnell Fire District: Opportunities

by Chief Ben Palm

They say change is the only constant, which proves to be true. Yarnell Fire District is undergoing changes as are many organizations in the area. Change often occurs with disaster recovery; while recovery from the Yarnell Hill Fire of 2013 continues, many positive things have transpired, leading to opportunities. YFD is developing in the areas of personnel and training.

After three years of dedicated service to the community, Captain Kristee Lewis has been offered an opportunity to advance her personal goals. Kristee will remain with us as a Cadet Leader and Reserve, but is no longer a captain. We are grateful her full time service and wish her success.  Others of our staff are pursuing opportunities through education. Jason Hershberger and Joshua Western are in the process of obtaining Paramedic Certification. This will fill a great need in our area.

Another development is the Granite Mountain Hot Shot Memorial Park opening soon. Yarnell Fire personnel are undergoing comprehensive Ropes Rescue Training in preparation for the park’s public use. Ropes training will also be beneficial in case of vehicle accidents on Yarnell hill. Also upcoming is our Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC) for staff who could not attend the last Engine driver’s training. This safe operation course involves classroom hours and behind the wheel exercises.

The weather has been wonderful, but we know the colder air will arrive. Please remember to prepare your fire place and wood burning stove for the season. Open the dampers and sweep the chimney. Also, as you rake leaves and prepare to dispose of fall foliage, remember you must obtain an open burning permit. They are available in person only at the Fire Administration Building.

The Yarnell Fire District Explorer Cadet Program has grown to 18 Cadets. There is a photo gallery on our website and on our Facebook page. They wear turnout gear, helmets and jump right into training. Our goal is to provide a positive mentoring and inspiring experience for the Explorers.

We would like to remind Yarnell residents of our Knox Box® Program. How it works: homeowners or business owners may purchase a box containing a key to their premises; the box is placed next to the entry door of the building; If Yarnell Fire needs access to the building, rather than breaking in, we will be able to access the Knox Box with our master key, and retrieve the entry key. For information, please contact us: Chief Ben Palm or Denise Roggio, Admin. 928-427-6578. Visit yarnellfire.org

YFD is actively seeking EMTs to volunteer with our department. Please visit our website: yarnellfire.org for application and information.

September 2016 Service Calls
Incidents: 15
EMS:  8 Wildland Fire: 1 Welfare Checks: 1 Public Assists: 2 Other: 3


Yarnell Fire District: Opportunities
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